Who I Am

I am an idolater…constantly turning away and worshiping other gods for the sake of convenience and immediate comfort and popularity. I worship an idol of myself and my own pleasure and selfish cravings. I am disobedient. I have messed up. I am broken. I am lost. I have rejected God and ran far away, looking to other things to be my lord.

But God’s grace is so much greater than all of that. Because of Jesus, I am free. I can breathe again. I have been given new life.  I am not defined by my sin, but rather my identity is in the One who has set me free and given me life. And because of that I will worship Him. I will devote my life to Him. I will do radical things for the sake of His gospel. I will abandon my desires and my comfort because I am confident that there is something so much greater and He is worthy of all that I am.

I am a woman whose deepest desire is to be one with Jesus. I want to know Him. I want my words and my actions to reflect Him. I desire godly character. I want to be a woman of wisdom, of gentleness, of self-control, of laughter, of joy, of humility, of simplicity, of compassion, of justice, of transformation, of courage, of boldness, of patience, of perseverance, a woman of the Lord.

So I will go to Him and let Him transform me.

Rid me of myself, I belong to You. 

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